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How Windows 11 is different from Windows 10

Written by Rohan Yathipathi

September 12, 2021

How Windows 11 is different from Windows 10?

The new released windows 11 has brought up some really big changes in the windows interface since a long time. but seems that it is the only thing that has been changed. this version is like a total revamp of the previous UI, also this change has removed some very crucial features which are often taken granted like Drag and drop. Now in windows 11 you cannot Drag a file onto the icon on the taskbar to move or drop the file into other applications.

How Windows 11 is different from Windows 10

the main big differences are mainly resides in the UI. The big difference that you notice right away is the center taskbar. as far as I know, windows has been known for it’s corner start menu and pretty much every one used to the start menu on windows 10. but this time windows 11 does let you change your taskbar placement from center to left. there are also some major changes and slight noticeable improvements in the settings menu like, allowing to change the DNS of the network without diving into complex menu’s. this time they properly removed Cortana from start menu and also from the setup process.

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